Photographic competition organised by Dorset Youth Association

Since I arrived in Dorset last year, I have seen some of the most beautiful sights and places there is to be seen in Great Britain. As residents in Dorset you are very lucky to experience such a lovely place.
I have not gone around all of Dorset yet, so would like you to show me what it is about where you are from that is so special.
I am running a competition for all our members. I want you to take a photograph of anywhere that is special to you and send it to me and write a few lines as to why it is special to you and how special it is to Dorset.

The picture has to be IN FOCUS and clear for all to see. It cannot be a person as you will need their permission, but can be an animal.

The age groups are:
0-11 with the prize being a £10 Boots Voucher
12-19 with the prize being £10 Marks and Spencer’s Voucher
Entries in to me by 31st May 2013, with name, age and youth group of the photographer. The winners will be announced on the 7th June 2013.
I will publish the winning entry for all to see.
When you have taken the picture just e-mail it to me at 

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