Glastonbury 2015

Catching up with recorded programmes, so currently watching the Who. Why are such bands still able to draw such large crowds?

A recent article I read talks about record companies being ‘risk averse’ when it comes to signing new acts. Hence, bands and singers no longer write and sing about major social and political issues of our time?

Glastonbury 2015

Paul Weller and the Who tonight, George Ezra and Clean Bandit still to watch. Enjoyed the festival again and must go one year.

Glastonbury 2015

Mark Ronson last night, Paloma Faith and Gregory Porter tonight. Looking forward to watching George Ezra , Paul Weller, the Who plus anything else interesting I can find. What a great music festival and look forward to it every year, really need to go and experience it for real?

Bowling trip

The bowling trip will be rescheduled as a number of you are in France on the proposed date.

End of term bowling trip

The annual bowling trip to the MFA Bowl in Weymouth will take place on Monday 13th July at 5.30. Price just £5 for 2 games. Letters available from Monday. Always a great night out!

Great Fundraising gig. Thursday 4th June.

Over £180 raised at a Coffee morning put on for us by residents of Southwell at Avalanche Church hall this morning. Thank you for your generosity we really do appreciate it.

Thanks to Steve for representing the CIC at the event and to Katie and Sophie for performing.

DSCF2354 Look no hands!

DSCF2357 Playing to a packed …. table of food!


Fund raising Coffe Morning. Thursday 4th June.

Katie and Sophie will be performing at a fundraising coffee morning for Portland Rocks supported by Steve.

Many thanks to our community for supporting the work we do. Every pound raised means more support for arts work on Portland.

The benefits of an Arts Education

As we enter another five years of Tory government it’s time the benefits of an arts rich education need to brought back to the fore. The following is taken from the Cultural Learning Alliance web site:

We think the five killer facts to know are:

  1. Students from low-income families who take part in arts activities at school are three times more likely to get a degree.
  2. The employability of students who study arts subjects is higher and they are more likely to stay in employment. A Scottish study found this effect is greater for students who leave school earlier.
  3. Students who engage in the arts at school are twice as likely to volunteer and are 20% more likely to vote as young adults.
  4. A range of studies show at risk young people who take part in arts activities increase their self-esteem, social skills, confidence and ability to work with others. All attributes that improve disadvantaged children’s life chances.
  5. Bright but disadvantaged student’s A-level results are significantly improved when they experience academic enrichment activities at home from the age of eleven –including going on trips to museums and galleries, and reading for pleasure.

Please read in more detail here