DYA Talent Show heat Monday 1st June

Make sure you download and send in your application forms to Dorset Youth Association.

The Portland heat is on Monday 1st June between 4 and 6pm in the music room at Royal Manor Campus.

What an amazing place!

Went out exploring the Grove area of Portland tonight for work related  reasons that may become clear soon. It was a beautiful evening and these photos were taken using my phone:

A view across the harbour


The old engine house


St Peter’s Church


Monday 11th May

Don’t forget the Portland Rocks workshop on Monday will run as normal after a break for the bank holiday. See you in the music room at Royal Manor Campus at 4pm.

Dorset Youth Association Talent Show 2015

Portland Rocks will be hosting a heat of the talent show on Monday 1st June. This is the first Monday back after half term. We are looking for anyone with a talent, musicians, dancers, magicians etc. If you have any questions about eligibility please contact the DYA offices directly.

The Portland heat will take place in the music department at Royal Manor Campus on 1st June between 4 and 6pm. Places are limited so make sure you enter as soon as possible. The heat will be judged by Youth Association staff. and their decision will be final.

Talent Posters

Talent Contest Entry Form 201

Please note application forms need to be sent to the Dorset Youth Association office in Dorchester.