Tenner Challenge

We will have packs to give out to you all on Monday so make sure you have some ideas ready. We will also be putting some exciting levels of support in place for you. Watch this space!

Never too old to learn.

Just completed the sixth and final week of an on line course entitled “Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals” a really interesting and thought provoking free course provided by the University of Bath.

Tenner Challenge

Portland Rocks needs you to think up some wild and wacky ideas to tell us about at the workshops on Monday 23rd February.

We will have the funds to support up to ten groups. Go on. make a difference!

Tenner Challenge

Portland Rocks has signed up to the tenner challenge. Turn your £10 into profit for yourself and as a means to keep our music (and art) workshops funded.

Go on get busy with your ideas

Details of those attending workshops

Can all those attending the weekly workshops please make sure we have up to date contact details and if you are new to the workshops can you please fill out a permission letter obtainable from Martyn or Steve